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"We live in an amazing time. Now you can connect anywhere and the world and earn money playing video games."

Anthony Redoblado

Founder and CEO of Imaginix Games

Imaginix Founding Team

At Imaginix, we believe the nerds of yesterday are the rock stars of tomorrow

Anthony Redoblado

Founder and CEO

Brandon Morales

Chief Technology Officer

Johnny Ho

Chief Creative Officer

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Imaginix recieved its first seed investment in March of 2018.

The Imaginix founding team participated in PS27 Ventures Leadership week. The team spent a week in Jacksonville, Florida and went through some intense leadership training that we look forward to seeing applied in the current operations. The team from Imaginix would like to thank Jim Stallings and his amazing team. Imaginix also thanks Shared Labs for their sponsorship and thank all participants in leadership week!

The sky is blue due to something called 'Rayleigh scattering'. Basically, light interacts with the air and scatters. However unlike normal scattering (like you would have with a light in a room), this scattering is proportional to the wavelength of the light. Hence higher frequency light (like blue light) is scattered more strongly, while the other colours tend to follow the path of normal sunlight!

Imaginix is proud to be a finalist in the Seneca HELIX European Innovation pitch. The competition was fierce and we congratulate the winners of the European Innovation Pitch.

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